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Previous Works from Kuehne Construction Inc.

Ground Up Construction

• City of Fremont Fire Station # 6
This 14,000 sq. ft. essential services facility stretches two stories and is the newest station in Fremont. Equipped with a four-engine apparatus bay and the latest in fire station technology, this facility is the next phase in station construction.

• Homestead™ & Kiley™ Retail Building, Santa Clara
The Homestead and Kiley retail strip is an excellent example of the new construction you can expect from Kuehne Construction. From the foundation to the roof, count on us to build your new retail location. We even do grade work.

• Story Road Retail
In addition to laying a new foundation, we also build on existing foundations, even when they rest on a gradient. Story Road Retail is an example of such a project. This is a newly constructed 5,000 sq. ft. Project building in the hilly bay area.

• Atlas Building
The Atlas Building is a shining example, our industrial construction capabilities. Please speak with one of our contractors to learn more.

• Park Avenue Building, San Jose
We specialize in construction, but you can also count on us for fast demolitions. The Park Avenue Building in San Jose, California, is a great example of a total demolition of an existing structure and foundation, and the erection of a new 4,500 sq. ft. building.

Tenant Improvement:
• City of Mountain View Public Library Modifications
This project involved a complete interior demolition and remodeling. We complete redesigned the first floor, building new offices, sorting stations, book returns, lobby casework, and seating areas.

• PLX Technology, Sunnyvale
For the PLX Technology center, our team built new server rooms, a cafeteria, new conference rooms, two labs, and a lobby. Additionally, we installed steam generators, epoxy floor and wall coatings, stainless steel doors, jambs, cabinets and hardware, and a fire alarm system with interface and access card readers. The PLX facility demonstrates a number of construction projects we are capable of doing, including communal and technical areas, as well as business system projects.

• Maplewood Plaza, San Jose
The Maplewood Plaza in San Jose is a retail strip consisting of 19 retail units and three restaurants. Our crew executed a complete façade improvement consisting of new stucco, paint, a new Mansard roof, and new illuminated signage.

Health Care Facilities:
• Lytton Gardens™, Palo Alto
At Lytton Gardens, we performed complete ADA remodel upgrades to comply with new building codes. This project included new windows, doors, siding, deck repairs, solar panel replacements, and elevator expansion.

Acoustical Ceiling, Canopies, Clouds & Integrated Ceiling Systems:
• City of Campbell, Orchard Community Banquet Hall
The Orchard Community Banquet Hall is an excellent example of our work installing integrated ceiling systems. This community center features a TechZone™ ceiling system.

• VA Hospital, Vallejo
Our crew upgraded the existing ceiling with a new high-end acoustic ceiling and Armstrong™ woodworks. Additionally, we installed new Radius™ clouds with axiom trim in the facility.

Contact us to speak with one of our general contractors about upgrading your building.